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Chinese Valentine Day

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How did Chinese Valentine Day come from?

Today is Chinese Valentine Day

Every July 7 to the lunar calendar, is chinese Valentine Day, also called Qixi Festival, the Begging Festival, the Double Seventh Festival, Double-Seventh Day, Tanabata Festival.

Do you know how Tanabata come from? Tanabata Festival always connected to the legend of the Cowherd (Niulang) and Girl Weaver (Zhinv), this is a very beautiful, spread love story through the ages, and has become a legend one of the four major civil love in China.

It was said long long ago, there was a clever, honest and tolerant boy in the west of Nanyang. His parents died early, so we have to live with his brother and sister-in-law, sister-in-law Ma is very vicious, often abused him, forced him to do a lot of work. One autumn, Ma gave him nine cows and forced him to herd cows, told him back home only when he has ten cows. Cowboy had to drive the cattle out of the village.

Cowherd alone drove the cattle into the mountains, in the deep mountain forests, he sat under the tree, very sad, do not know when nine cows become ten cows and he can come home. At this moment, an old man appeared in front of him, white hair and beard, asked why he was so sad. After knowing his suffering, the old man smiled and said to him: don't be sad, there is a collapsed cow in the Funiushan mountain, you go to nurture it, after the old cow is well you can drive it home

Cowboy tramped over mountains and through ravines, went a long way, finally found the bad sick cow. He brought cow bunches of grass, fed for three consecutive days. The old cow ate enough then looked up and told him that he is the gray cattle immortal in heaven, because of violating the heaven rules were fallen on the earth and broken his legs, he has been unable to move. The old cow said he need to use flowers dew to wash a month then he will be well. Cowherd was not afraid of hard work, carefully take care of the old cow for a month, daytime collected flowers dew, night cuddled up beside the old age cow. After the old cow was well, cowherd happily with ten cows went back home.

But sister-in-law is still not good to cowherd, several times want to harm him, all were rescued by the old cow. Sister-in-law finally become angry from embarrassment and kicked cowherd out of the door, only gave himthe old cow.

One day, Girl Weaver in the sky with many fairies descend to the world and took a bath in the river. Girl Weaver met Cowherd with the help of the old cow, they fell in love. Girl Weaver later secretly came to the earth, become cowboy's wife, she also brought from heaven wild silkworm to everybody and teach them sericulture, spinning and wove light and bright silks and satins.

After marriage, Cowherd farmed in the field and Girl Weaver wove at home. They lived a happy life and gave birth to a boy and a girl. But not for long, it was soon let the Jade Emperor know, the heavenly queen descend to the world and forced the Girl Weaver back to heaven, the devoted couple was broken up.

Cowherd was desperate, still the old cow tell cowherd, after its death, skin can use to make shoes, wearing it can go to heaven. Cowherd do it according to the words of the old cow, put the skin shoes on, with their two children, flying together in the air chasing girl weaver. Seeing is about to overtake, heavenly queen plucked a gold hairpin from her head with a wave, a choppy Milky Way appear in sky between Cowherd and Girl Weaver. They can do nothing but only relatively wept tears. Their faithful love touched magpies, ten million magpies fly to the Milky Way to built a magpie bridge, let Cowherd and Girl Weaver met on the magpie bridge. The heavenly queen also helpless, had to allow two people meet on the magpie bridge every year on July 7th.

Later, every lunar calendar July 7th, according to legend, the day of Cowherd and Girl Weaver meeting on magpie bridge, the girls will go out and look up at the starry sky, looking for Cowherd and Girl Weaver on both sides of the galaxy, hoping to see their annual meeting, pray god can let themself like Girl Weaver, ingenuity, pray themself have satisfied ideal marriage, thus formed the Chinese valentine day.