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No forced demolition, No new China

User:admin AddDate:2015/2/1 Read:1788Times

Naked couples were kidnapped, House become flat ground

May 28, 2013, at night, Shandong Province, Linmu country, Cui Shemei couples were kidnaped with complete nakedness: House become flat ground, all properties under ruin.

Cui Shemei’ husband, Zhang Shiqiang said, he live in Xituan village, now it is village in Linmu city. Cui Guangan, as the land developer, once was this village cadre, he bought Xituan village’s land to develop real estate. But Cui Guangan didn’t signed a contract with him, also no legal resettlement compensation agreement, only a verbal promise that he will give Zhang Shiqiang some money. Cui Shemei couples were doing business in their house, they should find a suitable shop before relocation, also compensation is very low, thus they didn’t agree to relocate, so appeared couples were kidnapped, house was forced demolition

An odd thing is what Linmu public security bereau said: due to relate to demolition, police is hard to deal with it and is inconvenient to file a case, also they said it is a universal phenomenon in China.

Yes, forced demolition occurred too much, if it isn’t sensational forced demolition no one concerned with it. Please let us remember the following slogan form Jiangxi Yihuang officer: “No forced demolition, No new China!”